28: Bingqing Wang


Communication and Statistics

Program and year of study

PhD, 3rd year (Communication)

MS, 2nd year (Statistics)

Previous degrees and colleges

BS Physics, Tsinghua University

MA Communication, Michigan State University

Where did you grow up?

Wuhan, China

Where do you live now?

Davis, CA

What's your favorite spot in Davis?

The Farmers’ Market

How do you relax?

I play video games and go to the gym.

What was the last book you read for pleasure?

Grief Grocery Store (ナミヤ雑货店の奇迹) by Higashino Keigo

What TV show are you currently binge-watching?

Better Call Saul

Research interests

I study media and media content in general. I try to understand what kinds of media content can better attract audiences, and what media consumers get from these types of content. Also, I am particularly interested in video games and the value they provide to players. 

Dissertation title or topic

The World is Better When We Are Connected: The Value of Relatedness in Video Games

Please share a surprising or noteworthy fact or finding from your research

People used to believe that video games were harmful to families. That seems to be true when husbands play video games alone and leave their wives to do all the housework. But my research found that family members playing video games together can actually facilitate their family cohesion and satisfaction. It suggests that video games themselves are not really toxic; it is the way people use them that matters.

Which professor or class inspired you to pursue graduate studies?

My master advisor Dr. Gwen Wittenbaum at Michigan State University

Which scholarly text do you wish you had written? Why?

None really, but I am planning to write my own book in the near future

Which other researchers at UC Davis are doing work that particularly interests you?

Dr. Bo Feng in Communication. She studies advice-giving, i.e. how to provide advice so that it is more persuasive?

Dr. Miles Lopes in Statistics. He studies Bootstrap methods and high-dimensional inference.

What’s the best thing about being a grad student?

The autonomy of studying the thing I want to study.

What's the worst?

Not being able to make much money compared to my friends who are not graduate students.

If you weren't a grad student, what would you be doing?

I might be a film producer, script writer, or a professional writer.

Finally, please ask yourself a question

What film did you recently watch and recommend?

Dunkirk, because it talks about war from a special angle. It is what a war looks like from an individual perspective.


—November 2017


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