NSF Science of Science and Innovation Policy Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (SciSIP-DDRIG)

The SciSIP program supports research designed to advance the scientific basis of science and innovation policy. The PI must be the advisor of the doctoral student or a faculty member at the U.S. university where the doctoral student is enrolled. The doctoral student will be the Co-PI. Deadlines: February 9, 2018 (February 9 annually thereafter) and September 9, 2018 (September 9 annually thereafter).

SciSIP research proposals may develop behavioral and analytical conceptualizations, frameworks or models that have applications across a broad array of SciSIP challenges. Proposals may also develop methodologies to analyze science and technology data, and to convey the information to a variety of audiences. Researchers are also encouraged to create or improve science and engineering data, metrics and indicators reflecting current discovery, particularly proposals that demonstrate the viability of collecting and analyzing data on knowledge generation and innovation in organizations.

For more information, visit NSF SciSIP-DDRIG.