Data Purchase Requests

ISS accepts requests for funding to purchase or access new data sets on an ongoing basis.

The Institute for Social Sciences recognizes that data needs are always changing. We would like to help ensure that the research needs of social sciences faculty and graduate students at UC Davis are being met, and to that end, would like to know what new data needs our researchers have.

The Social Sciences Data Service is an incorporated part of ISS, and the institute works in partnership with SSDS staff and with Shields Library on this initiative. We invite faculty in the social sciences to submit proposals that detail any unmet data needs. Proposals should be no more than 1,000 words, and should include the following information:

Name of dataset to purchase, or name of membership which will allow access to key data

  • Source of the data
  • Cost, if known
  • Value data will have to the campus at large
  • Potential users of the data in the social sciences, and which research projects will be impacted/helped by access
  • Any other relevant information that will help us to assess the value of the data.

The ISS Executive Committee will evaluate proposals based primarily on how many people will benefit from having access.

Proposals may be emailed to the Institute for Social Sciences at  For more information regarding submission, please contact Vicky Austin, Assistant Director, at (530) 752-1751 or