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MX16 is an interdisciplinary symposium with a focus on multi-dimensional networks - including multilayered, time-dependent, and interdependent networks. It will be held in Geidt Hall at UC Davis on May 20-22, 2016.
The symposium aims to unite researchers from different areas who are finding a need for similar mathematical models, data, and analytical techniques to describe and understand multi-dimensional network systems, and to create a forum to build a common vocabulary and foster inter-disciplinary collaboration.
This event will bring together researchers with data that could be treated as multi-dimensional and researchers who develop models and analytical techniques. Researchers from around the world will be joining faculty and students from Davis to present methodology on the frontier of network science and highlight an array of study systems described by multi-dimensional networks.
Eventbrite - MX16

This event is FREE but you must register to attend.

All sessions will be held in Geidt Hall. 

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Eventbrite - MX16

This event has been organized by graduate students Curtis Atkisson, Kelly Finn, and Jordan Snyder. Faculty advisor: Raissa D'Souza. Sponsors: the Institute for Social Sciences, the Department of Anthropology, the College of Engineering, the Graduate Student Association, the Army Research Lab NetControl MURI grant and the Complexity Science Center.