Xiaoling Shu (2017-18)

Xiaoling Shu is a professor of sociology. Her research focuses on the impacts of two of the most profound events of our times – market transition and globalization – on gender inequalities (both in the labor market and within the family), subjective sense of well-being, and gender, family, marriage, and sexual attitudes. Her analysis is both country specific (China) and cross-national.

Professor Shu’s current book project is on data mining as a multi-disciplinary field at the confluence of statistics, computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, database technology, and pattern recognition. With the rise of big data and the enormous wealth of information and knowledge buried in the data mine, using data mining technologies to discover interesting, meaningful, and robust patterns has become increasingly important in the research process. The availability of huge amounts of data provides unprecedented opportunities for new discoveries, as well as challenges. Her book attempts to address these emerging opportunities and challenges.

Her Spring 2018 Proseminar is "Knowledge Discovery in Social Sciences: A Data Mining Approach".

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